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The Tarap Fruit

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1The Tarap Fruit Empty The Tarap Fruit on Sat Apr 25, 2009 6:41 am

Junkers 109

Junkers 109
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Buah Tarap
The Tarap Fruit Qweqq

Buah Tarap is one of the famous fruit in Kota kinabalu where this fruit has a strong scent. The fruit is delicious, soft flavoured and can be appreciated from the first bite. The fruit is considered superior in flavour to both Jackfruit and Cempedak.
The appearance of the fruit can be regarded as an intermediate shape between the jackfruit and the breadfruit. The fruit is round to oblong, 15-20 cm long and 13 cm broad, and weighing about 1 kg. The thick rind is covered with soft, broad spines. They become hard and brittle as the fruit matures. The fruit does not fall to the ground when ripe. It may be harvested while still hard, and left to ripen until soft. Marangs change colour to greenish yellow when ripe. The ripe fruit is opened by cutting the rind around. Twisting and gently pulling the halves complete the operation. The interior of the fruit is somewhat similar to the jackfruit’s, but the colour is whitish. The core is relatively large, but there are fewer “rags” and less non-edible parts. Arils are white and the size of a grape, each containing a 15 × 8 mm seed. Once opened, the marang should be consumed quickly (in a few hours), as it loses flavour rapidly and fruit oxidises. The seeds are also edible after boiling or roasting.

What food experience does Borneo offer?. From the plethora of native species of Borneo, we present you the Tarap or 'Marang'. Dont leave Sabah without trying this fruit but for locals who are familiar of its sweet creamy texture, the fruit is eaten as it is however i would like to share a recent experience i have with Marang.

I received an invitation to stay at a friends Oil Palm farm in Kota Belud where he bought a few tarap fruits to be prepared as fritters. They were doused in flour, and fried in oil with the seed and the result? haha... served with coffee as 'evening tea' after a hard days work, the Tarap fritters were absolutely one-of-a-kind oozing with new flavours ...highly recommended on a lazy Sunday evening with tea.

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