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81kg giant Grouper catch of the day

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181kg giant Grouper catch of the day Empty 81kg giant Grouper catch of the day on Mon May 04, 2009 10:07 am

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81kg giant Grouper catch of the day
81kg giant Grouper catch of the day Kerapu
Published on: Monday, May 04, 2009

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Labuan: A giant Grouper (Kerapu) weighing 81kg landed by the team "Vector" from Johor was the catch of the day at the prestigious Labuan International Game Fishing which ended here Sunday.

The six-day tournament which attracted 246 anglers from New Zealand, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia commenced on April 28 and saw anglers in action at such remote areas like Pulau Layang-Layang, Terumbu Ubi, Terumbu Laya, Mantani and Terumpu Siput.

It was double victory for "Vector" team as it also won the first-time offered Grand Slam price of RM25,000 for landing the most number of fish - 176kg.

The team was made up of the oldest angler Chong Kam Wah, 78 as well as Ngue Gie Hoe, Hii Ding Sing, Hii Heng Kong, Eng Chuen Hong and Lee Kah Long.

Second spot went to "Geofish" with a haul of 134 kg. The team received RM10,000 and the anglers in the team were Tan Haji, Kwang Kee Ming, Chin Wei Yong, Benton Chin, Lee Kwok On and Wong Chun Tuck.

The RM8,000 winners for the third spot was KK team with 130kg of catch. The cash would be shared by Syed Hamid Salleh, Shuhairi Shamsir, Abdul Samat, Mohd Hafizah Hussin, Amzari Yahaya and Anna Chee Eee Niam.

Team "Ruby" took RM7,000 for the fourth spot followed by "Yumeya" (RM6,000), "Ocean" (RM5,000). "Cobia" (RM4,000), "Wasabi" (RM3,000), "Odyssey" (RM2,000) and "Star Adventure" (RM1,000). Apart from cash the winning team also received souvenir trophies.

The catch for teams from fourth to tenth spot ranged from 124kg to 77kg.

In the Individual event Chong Woel Uei made the heaviest catch with his "Escolar" weighing 47kg. Pang Peck Ming had a 25 kg "Dogtooth Tuna" and the third heaviest catch was by Lim Seong Hui a 18kg "Wahoo", equaling his weight was Law Kah Khouk with his 18kg Barracudda. Eleven anglers won in the individual event and their prizes were between RM500 to RM250 depending on the species.

According to Patrick Song, a total of four tonnes of fish were landed during the tournament which was less than before.

He said that this was due to new rules like restricting anglers from catching more than one of the same type of fish. He said certain fish like oil fish were also discouraged from baiting, "this was to preserve the eco balance," said.

The tournament was also for first time held at the new RM25 million marina and feedback received revealed that anglers were not too pleased with the standard of it facilities.

The complaint was the waves inside the marine were stronger than outside. The waves pounded against the jetty and kept rocking the parked boats, the mooring lines were also not sufficient.

Among the Ministers who inspected the haul were Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen and FT Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin.

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