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Pakatan-Barisan Nasional Showdown at Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selembau and Batang Ai

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Junkers 109

Junkers 109
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Three by-elections Showdown has yet witnessed some of the most epic turns (if not also some of the most ridiculous turns in Malaysian politics) Im quite bewildered with Bukit Gantang though for The biggest field of candidates is in Bukit Selambau where 15 aspiring candidates filed papers, including Barisan Nasionalís Datuk S. Ganesan and Parti Keadilan Rakyatís S. Manikumar.

Now i Wonder if these suddenly fifteen members really are the back up crew for Barisan ?

The following are scenes from Bukit Gantang

Pakatan rakyat supporters in Bukit Gantang

Barisan Nasional supporters

gambar2 diambil dari Malaysia Today.

what a week this is going to be.(29-7 April)

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